Teaching requires a high level of responsibility and preparation. It also helps if you know something about what you are supposed to teach. The most important thing though, is the student. Teachers can (and should) encourage and motivate students. We have to open the door and show the way, but the only guarantee for success is the commitment of the student to hard work. This is true for any discipline, but even more for engineering.


I have taught many courses, both undergraduate and graduate level. Most of them are related to signal processing, optimization, and communications. The list is typically updated at the department webpage, so that if you are interested in the courses I teach this year, I suggest you to go there.

If you are a student of one of such courses and you are looking for information, then you should know that we use Moodle to exchange comments and material, so that you better click here.


I believe that analyzing and updating the methods and techniques used in the classroom is instrumental to be an effective teacher. For that reason, I participate in different research-oriented education projects, wrote a couple of papers on the topic of Education and Engineering, and serve as a reviewer/TPCM in different conferences focused on that topic.

I also believe that (selected) online material can be very useful. Online courses are now well known and have a good reputation. There is no doubt that sites as OpenCourse (MIT), AcademicEarth or OpenCulture are worth a visit. Interested in a new age? Then try edX and Coursera (I took a course and I managed to finish it!).

Graduate Students

If you are a last year undergraduate student who is interested in doing your final project in an area where I am working on, or if you are thinking of pursuing a Ph.D. degree, feel free to contact me.

I currently have five students pursuing a Ph.D.: Fernando, Samuel, Andrei, Sergio and Victor. Another one, Luis Miguel, just graduated (his Ph. Thesis is here).


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